Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Master Is Back In Town

My master came back in town today after being away for two weeks. He called my cell this afternoon and we are meeting after work tomorrow night. This coincides with my wife leaving on a business trip tomorrow morning. Master wants me to bring my femme clothes and meet Him at the Erotic Cabaret fetish store at 5:30pm. He says it's time for a few new items to be followed by a night of discipline. i am very nervous about what He has in store for me. i will update this blog as soon as i get a chance.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Drill

This past Sunday night Master put me through "The Drill". My wife was out of town from Wednesday thru Sunday. Her flight was due back at 8pm. She drover herself to the airport as this was a business/pleasure trip. She usually calls me when she's eready to leave the airport, takes about 40 minutes for her to get home. So, Master had me come to His place, en femme from neck to toe around 6pm. He tied me up and gave me a facial and then we waited. Around 8:45pm my wife called to say she was leaving. Master held my cell to my ear so i could chat briefly with her. When we hung up Master went to work. Another hard face fuck followed by a facial. He shot it in my face, neck and hair. He untied me and threw me out of his house. By then it was around 9:05pm. The drill was on. i had to drive home which took about 15 minutes. She wasn't home yet. So, i quickly went in the house, took off my lace bodystocking, leather skirt boots and gloves, put them back in the bag and hid them in the crawlspace. Quickly out on jeans and shirt, wiped my face and waited. Ten minutes later she arrived home. Very close!!! Master says this is just the beginning!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My First Time - Life Will Never Be The Same

The urge not to go to my new Masters house was incredible but the fantasy voice in my head ultimately won out and i arrived at His place at 7:30pm Friday evening. There was no turning back once i pulled into his driveway as He was there at the door waiting. He approached my car as i got out, grabbed my bicep tightly and lead me into the house. I was wearing my black lace bodystocking, black leather mini skirt, long black leather gloves and my black pvc thigh boots w/ 5 inch heels, no wig or makeup as per instructions. He put me on my knees and tied my wrists and elbows behind my back. He bent me over an ottaman in His living room, lifted my skirt, and used a leather paddle to beat my ass. 50 wacks later, He stood in front of me and grabbed a handful of my hair. He slapped me around a bit and then put His cock sucking leather hood on me. my cock was so hard at this point i thought i would cum, but i controlled myself. Master pulled out his 8 inch cock out the zipper of black leather pants, grabbed me by the back of the head, ordered me to open my mouth and He then proceeded to face fuck me. It was amazing, he started slowly but thrusted faster eventually slowing down a bit as he neared orgasm. Them with a grunt he let it go in my mouth. It was glorious!!! His warm, thick cum shooting down my throat!!! Yes, i gagged and He was furious. Very quickly, he took to flogging my ass again and i deserved it. After about 10 minutes He stopped and left the room. He came back a short while later, dragged me in front of Him as sat in an easy chair and told me exactly what He expected of me in the near future. He will train me to be his whore, he will bring other men over for me to pleasure. i am no longer allowed pleasure with a woman (even though i am married that won't be a problem as we haven't had sex in 3 years). Master works very close to where i do and i will be required to meet him whenever he so desires for a little lunck time snack as He put it. I am also required to wear panties and hose every day. No more mens underwear. After having these instructions presented to me, Master then forced me to give him my call and work phone numbers. Now He has me right under His thumb. He face fucked me one more time with out the hood and He came all over my face. He then threw me out the front door and told me to go home and not wipe his cum off my face. i followed his inatructions. i did masterbate when i came and had a great orgasm. my wife returns hom tonight around 10pm from her visit to her friends place in Atlanta, but Master has left me a chore today. He has put a black pvc corset on hold for me at a place called the Erotic Cabaret here in Houston. i am leaving in a few minutes to go do this errand. Per his instructions I am wearing my black lace bodystocking under my jeans and shirt. i will post more on this adventure later today.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tonight I Lose My Tranny Virginity

Tonight is the night that i meet Master Gary for the first. Over the last four months we have exchanged e-mails and He has finally worn me down and made it obvious to me thats i should be trained to be His faggot slut. I am wearing a black lace body stocking, a black leather mini skirt, long black leather gloves and black pvc thigh boots. No wig, no makeup, as per Masters orders. He will use me as he sees fit and He will put me in His cock sucking leather hood, then he will punish me. i am sure that after tonight i will have reached a point of no return and i will belong to Him.